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Introducing the Stash #3: Leftovers

Hi there!

Last week, I sat down and rewound my stash of »leftovers«. I call them »Leftovers«, but there are quite a few yarns in there which are still capable of holding the promise of a little project.

It was a lovely, sunny day, and since my choice was to either clean my windows or rewind my stash … Er … :mrgreen:

Although my stash isn’t as huge as some I have seen (and admired) on ravelry, I do feel that I have quite a lot of wool. Currently, the number of yarns in ravelry is 57, but I am working on some stashbuster projects at the moment (I’ll show you soon. Promise.).

The complete stash lives in three boxes:

The biggest box holds all my yarn (don’t let yourself fool you about the plastic bags in there). The last time I reorganised it, I made little packages of yarn, the pattern I wanted to make with it and (sometimes) suitable needles and stuffed it in these little bags. Since I don’t have a lot of space, this is very convenient – and it’s easy to grab a bag and start knitting right away.

The middle-sized box is for my small fibre-stash – and as you can see, I wind my yarn onto a toilet paper roll while it’s waiting for plying. 😉

The little box on the top of that little mountain contains all my leftovers. Would you like to take a look?

This is the view from the … erm … one side …

And this is the other side.

I found a handy entry on the ravelry forums the other day which explained how you could wind your yarn onto a toilet paper roll to make a centre-pull ball if you don’t own a ball winder and a nostepinne … I promise, I don’t have an obsession with toilet paper rolls. I swear. Although this is already the second time the word »toilet paper roll« pops up here … Oops …
Anyway, I have tried it and it works fantastically. Really. Of course, the middle is a bit wide, but you can’t have everything in life and it suits my needs perfectly.

If you take off the lid, you will see this:

I’ll explain the bright red wool in a minute – truth be told, I was a bit surprised how bright the colour was.

This is a group picture of Little Family Leftover …

And from left to right we have:
– A little bit of Angora wool (bright red – there’s more, but that is intact as a ball and lives in the big box);- Merino wool (in gray) used for my North Sea Hat
– Cotton in DK weight (that’s the two little towers with the light blue, cream (with tea stains! Hooray!), brown and darker blue – also the colourful little thing and the blue next to it belong to that bunch)
– Cotton in Aran weight I use for potholders (white, dark green, light green and yellow)
– Acrylic stuff (the brown, the dark blue and the light blue – they are sitting on the right, but also in front of the Aran Cotton (I should have organised this better, sorry!)
– and my sock yarn on the front.

The sockyarn clan is bigger (I mean – sure! I’ve knit mostly socks!), but this will make another posting, because I am knitting up something special. But I can give you a sneak preview ….


Very promising, eh? 😉

Okay guys, I’ll be back soon, but for today – that’s all! I will enjoy the evening now – it has been wonderfully warm outside today (23°C!) and although it’s a quarter past eight (pm), the sun still hasn’t set completely … All of my windows are open and I can listen to the birds outside, singing and piping and chirping … So lovely and beautiful. 😀

Take care!



6 thoughts on “Introducing the Stash #3: Leftovers

    • Definitely. 😉 I have knit a couple of small things already (the baby clothes, for example), but I have used up almost all of the dishcloth-cotton, and the sock wool is also already a WIP … I’ll show you soon! 😀

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