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Solution to Da Game …

Hi there! 😀

I hope you all are very well? I’ve circled the »article« button all day, because, somehow, I don’t know how to start this posting … But we’ll see how it goes, shall we?

Okay: The Game. This was a weird one, right? Okay, so just to remind you … I showed you this:

And asked what these three things had in common, right? Errr, okay …

So, first, the DVD. That’s obvious, right? Tim Burton’s »Alice in Wonderland«, featuring Johnny Depp (as always), Helene Bonham-Carter (as always) and Alan Rickman (wooh-hooo! Yes, he’s in the movie. He’s Absalom. :mrgreen:). I love Burton’s movies. I don’t own all of them, but a lot, and I find myself amazed by the artworks, the lovingly seen to details and (of course!) the characters, plot and music. My favourite on is probably »The Corpse Bride«, but »Big Fish« is also amazing and brings me to tears every time I watch it. Errr … where was I? Oh yes. Hem-hem- »Alice«.

Okay, the pattern of the socks I am currently knitting is »Down the rabbit hole« (Aaaaahhhhhh ….) and published by the wonderful Purrlescent (link to her designer page). I love her designs. These socks will be the first pattern I’ll ever knit from her wide range of beautiful sock patterns, but I have several in my queue and am looking forward to knit all of them. YEAH!

The socks, by the way, are a birthday present for my mum and until today, I have come this far:

This pattern is really beautiful. If you are a bit of a tight knitter (like me), try to knit one size larger than you normally would (I knit 60 sts in stockinette for vanilla socks, but am very happy that I did the middle-sized version with 64 sts). The yarn is Austermann Step, and I have used it already when I was knitting T.’s Power-Socks. It’s great yarn! Soft and, apparently, very warm. This is still the first socks, by the way. But since my mum has small feet (European size 37!) I still hope that these won’t turn into most stressful marathon-knitting …

Okay … We’ve got the DVD and we’ve got the socks … Sooo …. What’s the deal withe the CD?
Well … Errr … First of all, this is Alice Cooper’s »Dragontown!« 😀 But although this would have been the most obvious connection (seen, for example, by my guy … ) this wasn’t what came to my mind. Oh no! No, what sprang to my mind as soon as I read the pattern’s title »Down the rabbit hole«, was a line from the song »Deeper« (second song on the album), which goes:

»The elevator broke,
it went right through the floor
it left a burning hole
Down and down and down we go …«

You see? Down the rabbit hole, Down and down and down we goAlice Cooper’s »Dragontown«? You see it, right? I mean, it’s so obvious

… oh, man, one day I’m gonna sell tickets to my brain. 😉

Take care, folks! Have a lovely day. 😀

P.S.: There’s more at the moment! I’ll show you soon.


2 thoughts on “Solution to Da Game …

  1. Ah it does make sense! Now it seems so obvious how they seem connected. This was such a fun little idea, I love it! It only adds to the awesomeness of the socks.

    • Thank you! That makes me fell a little less weird … 😉 I like the socks a lot, although I still have to finish the first one (maybe I’m going to buy my mum a book and keep them for myself). We’ll see … 🙂

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