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Wet-blocking Wednesday …

… because »wet-blocking« also starts with a W. 😉

Hi folks! Is everything alright with you?

I can breathe again, thank God, and this evening, I have finished my thesis! It still has to sink in, though … We’ll see how I like the work tomorrow. 😉

Since I do not have any new WIPs at the moment, I thought I’d show you some recently blocked projects …

These are no new projects – in fact, the scarf has sat in my stash box for far too long! It was a crocheted(!) present for E., who paid for the wool the year before last(!) and will get it soon … Finally. Just as the weather is getting better. 😉 I blocked these today and threw them in the sink together – I thought the colours were dark enough so that eventual bleeding wouldn’t cause any damage. I was right.

Let’s take another look …

You know this hat, of course. It’s one of the 5 little hats I made when I was doing some stashbusting … I wasn’t sure whether to block the hat again, but then thought it wouldn’t do it any harm. It sits on a little ceramic bowl.

Next to it is a swatch:

And I know it doesn’t lay flat, I fixed it after taking the photos. 😉 Although you cannot see it very well, the colour of this little square is a lovely brown and will(hopefully!) become a sweater for me … My very first one. The pattern is »Avril in April« by Reiko Kuwamura (the link will direct you to the ravelry page) and I think I’m brave enough to undertake it (I hope, that is). The yarn I am using here is of Aran weight, but I read somewhere that you can also use it when the pattern calls for worsted ….? Let’s hope that’s true! The best part about this pattern is that it is free – sometimes I cannot believe the generosity of some people. 😀 I’ll be knitting this with the »Borkum« yarn of a German chain store (Wolle Roedel), it consists of Rayon, Cotton and Linen and got really great reviews on ravelry.

And then there are the Anemone-wristwarmers:

I made these a while ago, when I was kind of fed-up with knitting socks … I love the pattern (project is raveled here), it’s free and is really, really well-written! You can use beads for the warmers to give them a little extra-sparkle, but I’m not a fan of beads and knit them without. The yarn looks a little familiar, right? 😉 Again, this is Lana Grossa Soja wool – leftovers from my first pair of socks from this lovely, lovely yarn.

I am currently knitting on A.’s socks and started the heel flap today. The number of WIPs (three at the moment, but I put another pair of socks at the side, and I still have my messed-up shawl) is starting to make me itch, and since I don’t like that, I thought I’d start with what would be finished first.

That’s all for today, folks. Take care, will you?

Julia 😀


5 thoughts on “Wet-blocking Wednesday …

  1. Just seeing the photo of the knits all perfectly pinned makes me happy. I wish I could block that well, it always looks really hectic when I attempt serious blocking. I’m guessing that the foam puzzle pieces make it much easier? If I had to pick a favorite out of this stunning array of wonderful knits, it would have to be the wristwarmers, the red color is so jaunty and the stitch pattern looks so nice.

    • Wow – thank you so much! I wasn’s so sure if it would come out so neat, actually … But now that it’s dry it came out alright. The puzzle pieces were a Christmas gift, and they are REALLY worth their money. Plus, they are not that expensive and do NOT need much storage space! I keep them behind a door … They are really good.
      I’m glad you liked the wristwarmers! The colour is lovely (red is one of my favourite colours) and I had so much leftover yarn from the socks that I was happy to find the pattern. 😀

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