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Hearts against the cold

Hi folks …

… now I caught the bug, too. It’s no real surprise, because everyone around me has been sneezing and complaining about headaches and a sore throat, but somehow, I still hoped that I could avoid that. I don’t deal well with a cold. Bronchitis, funnily, isn’t such a big problem, bug if I cannot breathe properly or have difficulty to swallow, I’ll get whiney and fed up with everything very fast.

I still have to finish a dreaded thesis for university this weekend (I wanted to get it done by yesterday …), one I have been fiddling with for almost half a year(!) …. It’s Practical Theology and about how to raise awareness and respect for nature again. The work itself probably isn’t as bad as I thought, but I worked on it with no concept (why?!?) and thus, it’s so hard to motivate myself …

So, out of sheer defiance, I cast on something new.

This is the Little Valentine Shawl by Sylvie Beez – it’s knit with fingering weight wool on 4mm needles. I chose that one because I don’t have any free 3,5mm circulars right now. The pattern is free, that’s another advantage.

So far, everything is working up fine. I’m surprised really, at how well it goes. I’ve used lifelines this time, because my last shawl (I forgot to blog about) got messed up and now I have to unpick about 6 rows with over 300 stitches … Sigh. Here is a closeup:

The yarn is some sock wool from Schoeller&Stahl Mexiko Socka I had lying around. It’s surprisingly soft! And knitting with the 4mm needles is easier than I thought … 5mm needles give me trouble, probably because I’m so used to work with 2,5mm or 3mm needles. The ravelry project page is here, if anyone’s interested.

With the shawl going, I’ve got three WIPs at the moment: This one,  A.’s 9 to 5 socks – oh, and these socks. 😉 I’ll have the game running until next week I think … Just take a guess, if you fancy!

Alright … I’ll be off, knitting some more on the shawl … And trying to finish this stupid essay.

Take care!


3 thoughts on “Hearts against the cold

  1. Oh smart woman for leaving in rescue threads, I know that for work that intricate I would certainly be using them. Good luck on the thesis. I know how you feel, I’ve done one too. It is as painful as heck to work on but force yourself to do it or you’ll be stressing until the end. You are going to feel so great when you finish it!

    • Thanks for the moral support! I really sat down and indeed only have to write to conclusions now ….

      About the lifelines: YES, sometimes I get a little strike of sense. 😉 Which, as I found out today, doesn’t save me from reading the chart notes all wrong and thus making the wrong decreases throughout the whole pattern! But since I f*cked up a bit anyway today, I think I’ll start anew … :mrgreen:

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