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What have I done?!?

Wow. This was quite a long absence.

Sorry for that! It wasn’t intended at all …

The bronchitis has gone away again (thank you so much for asking, Stacey!), and everything is okay, although I had to undergo a couple of little examinations … Nothing serious. But, you see, I seem to be one of those folks whose pulse rises pretty quickly. That’s not bad or dangerous, but one needs to know that kind of stuff, right? Let’s say, I’m like the Hulk. :mrgreen:

Anyway, what else have I been up to?

The last three weeks were spent on a paper discussing the possibility of the anthroposophic Christian Community belonging to the EKD (EKD stand for »Evangelische Kirche Deutschland«, which means »Protestant Church of Germany«). It was a bit hard to write, to be honest. I have been working on it during the last three weeks and had to read a lot of Rudolf Steiner’s writings, which sometimes seem to be trash Science Fiction (at their best) or the work of someone who has drunk half a bottle of Absinthe (at their worst).
I got angry and amused when I read what he has written about the origin of men and earth, about karma and reincarnation and what all this could have possibly to do with Christ and his sacrifice … In the end, I got really pissed at some stuff, and I have concluded that no, no way can they belong. Why did I chose that topic, you ask?

You see, I love writing about stuff that makes me tick.

If I read texts or books and want to throw them against the next wall, than that is very likely to become my next paper topic. I love to get my hands on a source, rip it into pieces, study the arguments, examine whether they are valid or not (and why) and then either approve of it or ›condemn‹ it. This is one of the reasons why I love History of Christianity. The other one is my great interest for history. The Middle Ages are especially fascinating, but I also enjoy learning about the past generally.

Now that I am almost about to start my M.A. thesis, my professor has repeated the advice she has given me when I had finished my B.A. thesis and told me I should think about writing my dissertation after I’ve graduated.

I think I’ll dare and do it. It will be so much fun, and this field of study has always motivated me a ton – no other subject has driven me to get my ass into the library in the summer(!) on a Friday night(!!) at half past seven(!!!) just to sit and read and make notes some more … But maybe I’m simply crazy. 😉

Anyway, you’re probably more interested about the sock next to the paper, right? 😉 Okay, let’s take a look:

The pattern is 9 to 5, and since I saw it on TFA, I wanted to knit the socks. I started them for me first, but had to rip them all out and now these socks here will become a Christmas-Happy Birthday – Happy Easter present for my lovely sister-in-law, Little M.’s mother. This is the first sock and I will finish it today so she can try it on – if it fits, I’ll start with the second sock right away. The pattern is really well written and very, very easy. The project page is here.

I’ve taken a better shot at the pattern so you can see what you’re getting yourself into …

The socks are knit top-down on 2,5mm DPNs. A treat. Really.

Alright folks, I’m off now; got a lot more to do! Take care of yourself, okay? I’ll try to be back sooner next time. 😀


Julia 😀

P.S.: Fun fact: You know who wordpress always gives you a quote when you publish something? This is what I got this time: »The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it. – Benjamin Disraeli« Seemed appropriate. 😉

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