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Practising My Spinning

Ho there! 😀

Told ya, I’d be back … How are you folks? I hope everything is fine in your part of the world …
I’m still down with bronchitis, the doc wasn’t so pleased with me yesterday … I do hope I can shake this off, soon. :/

SO … As I promised before … I will post something about my spinning. 😀

Last year, the wonderful Sara of »A Year at the Wheel« hold a monthly giveaway that I won! 😀 You could choose between some lovely, lovely lace yarn from Lacey Lambs or some wonderful fibrel as a gift, and because I didn’t spin, I chose the lace yarn. Imagine my surprise when I opened her package and found not only the yarn, but also a small amount of lovely, lovely merino fibre in it!

Sara’s blog is really, really great, when I read her blog postings, it felt as she was something like a lost twin … She is into video games, reading, knitting, spins wonderful yarn (although this doesn’t apply to me yet) and she is also a writer! If you are interested in spinning, you should definitely check out her blog. 😀

As I was saying, the package arrived mid-June, and there it was, a wonderful, wonderful little bit of blue-violet merino fibre …

I was so, so, so, so happy! 😀 After I got my spindle during early September on a Renaissance fair, I overcame my fears of ruining everything and started spinning it as best as I could …

I was just trying to spin as evenly as possible.

And when my guy and me went to the North Sea last year in October, I took my spindle with me and finished the fibre.

I split the fibre into half and plied them together – it is almost finished, so I can show you my first yarn soon! 😀

As you might recall, I bought more fibre during our holiday … Among the five little »nests« where those two:


Reds …merino-braunschwarz

And black and brown.

After having finished half of a bright red nest, I wanted to try something different. So What I have done now, is to divide the brown/black and one of the red nests in half

and split these in half again …

With these quarters, I want to try to make a 2-ply, following the colour pattern red – brown – black. The nests are only 25g each, so that won’t be a lot of yarn, I think …

Although, this time, I want to spin it as fine as possible. My aim is to create a sturdy 2-ply with the same colour changes … Or do you think a 4-ply would be better? Thoughts are really appreciated!

I’ll be off, spinning some more … I just remembered how soothing it is to make a thin thread. Spinning is my ticket to the  flow … Just what I need right now. 😀

Take care! Drink lots of tea!

8 thoughts on “Practising My Spinning

  1. Your spinning looks wonderful, Julia! I can’t wait to see how the fiber I sent you looks as a finished skein. I’m sure it will turn out beautifully!

    Also, thanks so, SO much for all your kind words regarding my blog! I’m so happy that you enjoy reading it. 🙂

    • thank you so much, Sara! 🙂 I’m so happy you liked the look of the WIP! I finished the yarn a couple of days ago, and I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! 🙂

    • Thank you!! 😀

      I have a habit of never being happy with my first attempts and wanting to make things perfect (even if I haven’t done them before).
      Luckily, I have read the best of advices EVER in the »Spindlers« Group on Ravelry: »The sheep are always growing more wool!« And because of this, we should not NOT spin a fibre because we were afraid of ›ruining‹ it … And these wise words have saved my little behind quite a couple of times since then. 😉

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