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Mittens for Christmas!

Hi folks! 😀

I hope you had a wonderful start into the new year? Mine was very quiet, but I like it that way.

As promised, I wanted to show you the things I made for Christmas! 😀 First of all: Everything so far (as I take it) was a HUGE success. And I mean H.U.G.E.

Although my grandparents had declared that they didn’t want anything (as every year), both were very happy with their presents. As you might recall, my sister and me had done a photo shooting, and they were very, very happy about the picture. 😀
Since I had made my grandfather mittens already, I didn’t want my gran to go without something for herself – and thus she got a little bag of what we in Germany call »Knickebein«. It’s hard to describe (and there isn’t an English translation). It is a sweet made of chocolate and filled with a fudge crème, which has some eggnoggish or fruitliqueurish taste. I have never tried it, but been told that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It comes in a shape of Christmas baubles, little boots or small Easter eggs and it’s a bit like they say in the Marmite commercial (the cute one with Paddington Bear): »Love it or hate it«  😉

And then, my grandfather opened his package.
I cannot tell you how happy his reaction made me. His face LIT UP, a huge smile spread over it and he gave me a great big hug. Then he immediately tried them on – AND THEY FIT! THEY REALLY REALLY FIT AND THEY ARE NOT TOO TIGHT OR ANYTHING! And he loves the colour and the pattern and …. I think I will never forget that. He has generously allowed me to snap two photographs of his hands and put them here:

This is so great and looking at these pictures make my heart fill up with joy to the brim. I thought that I maybe should have made them longer, but he says they are great as they are, and I still have to seam the thumb to the hand so that these little holes close – but he has assured me that my gran could do that as well and that it didn’t matter that they weren’t quite finished. I am not sure whether he will actually wear them (because he has declared fingerless mittens to be a bit unpractical once or twice), but who knows … 😉

The other mittens I had made for Christmas were for Mo. Lovely, lovely Mo.

Owlings-Mo 03

I have made myself the same mittens (in brown) a couple of months ago – and when I showed her the pictures, she was simply thrilled. She loves fingerless mittens, knitwear and blue – so this was the perfect Christmas present for her. I managed to post it in time and got a very enthusiastic E-Mail about how warm they are and how much she loves them. Oh, btw – this is my hand modelling them, for my ravelry page. 😉 I wanted to show you these earlier, but I wasn’t sure if she’d see them here and that would have spoiled it, right?

This was one of my happiest Christmases during the last couple of years, I think. And a huge part of it is that I managed to get the presents right. 😀

Until next time! Take care!


10 thoughts on “Mittens for Christmas!

    • Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you! 😀
      The blue mittens are truly really warm, because they are knit out of 100% Acrylic yarn. These are the perfect proof that the fingertips do not have to be covered in the cold, because they warm up when the palm of your hand is warm!
      I was so, so happy that she liked them. Really. 😀

    • Thank you so much! they are indeed very warm – even the pair for my grandfather, which is knit out of sock wool. It really warms up very quickly (and the cuff helps a lot with that, too). 😀 A happy new year to you, too!

  1. Lovely mitts. I especially love the ones you made for your grandfather. I just posted a pair of mitts to my son’s GF yesterday. I hope she likes them. They are fun to make and I plan to make more.

    • Thank you so much! I had found them on ravelry earlier and loved them, but just had the time to comment on them today. 😀 They are great!

      I’m happy that you like my grandfather’s mittens – truth be told, I was a bit nervous about whether he’d like them or not … And I am SO GLAD that he was so happy about them!

      Mittens are always awesome. I want to try a pair as my first Fair Isle project this year. 😀

  2. Those thumb holes are pesky little things, I still have not been able to learn how to seam them up attractively. I really love the owl patterned ones, they are so darn cute!

    • That’s so true! I REALLY have to learn how to do this, I mean mattress stitch is useful in so many otherk nitting departments, too …

      The owlies are great, right? 😀 They were one of the very first projects that went up into my queue when I started on raverly. They are really very warm – although I’d to them longer if I was making them again …

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