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Kramme Ugler

Hi there! 😀

Last posting, I promised you to tell »The crazy story of Kramme Ugler«, right? Now is the time … Sit back and relax. Take a cookie! 😀

This late summer, my parents went to Denmark on a holiday. My mum has been crocheting (and knitting) a couple of times, but doesn’t do it very often – during the last 10 years or so, she has crocheted maybe two pairs of potholders. Lately, however, she has dug out the crochet hook again and has bought two kits from a local discounter – I think that it’s because she sees me so often doing some needlework now. 😉 But who knows.

The day they returned, my mum showed me what she had bought: A kit for a crocheted owl she had bought in a LYS there. My father said, that a finished owl would have cost only a couple of €s more (I know Denmark still has it’s own money 😉 ), but mum said, no, she wanted to crochet the owl as a Christmas present for my sister.

So far, so good. Fast forward to the end of October.

I drop by my parents’ house. »How’s the owl going?«, I ask my mum. »have you already started?« because, you know, stuff like that always takes longer than you thought …
My mum shakes her head and suddenly looks a bit sad and broken-hearted. »No«, she says, »I can’t do it«, and she shows me her hands.
About three years ago, my mum developed athritis in her fingers – on some days, she has problems balling her hands into fists in the mornings … Sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse. I can see that now is one of the times where it’s worse.

She looks at me. »Couldn’t you crochet the owl?«, she asks me.
I let out a sigh. »I don’t know …«, I say reluctantly, »I already have so much on my plate right now…« (which is true. I am knitting on Christmas presents, a present for my gran’s birthday, plus all the essays for university. And I don’t really want to crochet an owl right now. I want to get through my Christmas presents and then start to learn stranded knitting and toe-up socks.)

My mum looks very sad. »Please«, she says, »I really can’t do it. I can’t even hold the hook right now, it hurts if I have to grab something.«

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So finally, I agreed. I haven’t crocheted for quite some time, and the pattern is in Danish (which is okay to read though), and there is so much other stuff I want and have to do right now … I started that very evening and managed to get the eyes done. So far, everything except the feet and the body is finished and only need to be stuffed. The beak was terrible to crochet, because it is knit in … yeah … 3D and it becomes very fiddly to the end … And please let us not mention the breast feathers (one more to go). As I was crocheting away, I realised that my mother definitely could’nt have done it. So there really was not much of a choice for her.

I am currently knitting my mum’s Christmas present but I really need to finish the owl as soon as possible … Because my father will sew everthing together. Not me! I said quite early that I wouldn’t do it – not that I am not capable of it, but it’d take a looooong time and I would have to concentrate a ton … Naa. My father can do it. He does embroidery, he can sew a little owl together. :mrgreen:

»krammer«, btw, means »to press« in Danish – »ugler«, of course, means owl. So it is a owl you can squeeze – a »krammer deer« (I hope I wrote that correctly) is a soft toy. »krammer« can also mean »to snog«. :mrgreen:

This is what it looks like this evening …

A little Danish owl

A little Danish owl

Alright – I’m off, knitting my mother’s present! And trying to motivate me to get going on that little one here …


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