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Introducing da Stash #2: Festival Hauls

Hi everybody! 😀

Told ya, I’ll be back … Since this other posting was getting a bit long, I thought it was best to split it into three. Here is the second part. I consider turning »Introducing da Stash« into a »regular« topic – I am always interested in new wool and especially colours. In my opinion, the choice of colour tells you a lot about the person itself – not on the basis of »Oh, how can you possible love pink?!?«, but more because sooner or later knitters will tell you why they tend to choose certain colourways and what they love about them. I think that’s fascinating. It’s like learning about what makes a person »tick«. I think I’ll have a colour posting later …

Alright, on with the new wool in my stash! 😀

As I told you (at least, I hope I told you), there was a middle-sized art festival in my hometown. It took place in the »Jahrhunderthalle« (»Hall of the Century«, if you translate it literally), which itself is quite an impressive building. If you’d like to take a look (and it’s worth doing so!) – it has its own website, and I’ve linked you the English version here. 😀
The festival is called »handmade« and it took place here for the first time this year. If you follow this link and scroll to the bottom, you can click on the last two pictures to get at least a vague impression.

I had set aside 30€ for the festival to buy wool – first, because I simply cannot allow myself to spend an enormous sum on my hobbies (which is alright, really – there are a lot of other, far more important things and I lack none of those), but also because I wanted to make sure that I would only buy wool and/or fiber I really liked.

There were a LOT of fabric booths, and also quite a couple that sold hand-made jewelery. As we went in (my guy and me paid 5€ or 6€ each which is an good price in my opinion) I grabbed a plan and after a quick look-around, I marked all booths selling wool and/or fiber (yes, I’m one of these people. I also make packing lists. 😉 ). There was lots and lots of wonderful wool, but mostly you found brands you could get at LYSes easily. But then – we came to the ponderosa booth. As you can see, they have some really gorgeous colours and I spend quite some time deciding what I wanted to buy. Finally, I decided to buy only one skein of sock wool …

isn't it lovely?

Isn’t it lovely?

The colourway is called »Muttis Liebling« (Mummy’s favourite) and is a one-of-a-kind skein. There are a couple that look similar, but it just isn’t the same. The price (8,90€) was more than I usually pay, but for handpainted yarn I think this is very reasonable prizing. I am going to turn it into socks – I’ll wind it into a ball to get an idea of the colour chances, but I think it wants to have some cables worked into it. …

Another reason why I only bought one skein of sock wool was THIS:



I fell completely in love with it. This is 100g Australian Merino Wool – and it is a very warm brown/orange colour. Absolutely lovely – and so soft! SO SOFT! I have petted it countless times and every single time, I’m amazed again how something can feel so beautiful to the skin. I payed 12€ for it and plus the 8,90€ sock wool, that was completely fine. 😀

There was one more haul, and that was a gift.
A couple of booths had Zauberbälle (»Zauberball«, btw, means »Magic Ball«) – and I always wanted one of these. But I also felt that 10€ for sock yarn was a bit much … As we passed the third booth, however, and I was again longingly staring at them, my guy tapped me on the shoulder and said:  »You know what? Choose one. I’ll pay it.« HOORAY! 😀 So after more decision making, this one went home with me:

Simply beautiful

Simply beautiful

It is one of the sock-wool ones in the »Licht und Schatten« (»Light and Shadow«) colourway. I am going to make a scarf or shawl with it and have already searched for some on the ravelry database.

Alright! This is it for tonight. Come again to listen to the crazy stories of Kramme Ugler, take a look at the Socks for my Mum and marvel at the Latest Hauls and Birthday Gifts 

Until next time! Take care! 😀

P.S.: I’d just like to hear your thoughts about the English translations for the German stuff and all the links … Are you annoyed by them? Are you interested? Are they (un)necessary? Please, don’t be shy! 😀

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