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The final posting about the Shawlette for my gran

Hi there! 😀

Before I sit down to read the rest of the texts for my »How Christians should treat Nature when they regard it as God’s Creation« -essay (luckily that’s not the title :mrgreen:) I finally wanted to tell you the end of my Ashton Shawlette Odysee (the further postings about it can be read here and here).

This is how it looked like after I took all the pins out:

The finished Shawl

The finished Shawl

I love it. Truth be told, I’d never expected that it’d be so beautiful! Maybe I am really making another one for myself … The edges maybe could have been pinned out a bit sharper, but probably I have knit too tight for that. Never mind. 😀
This is the pinned-out edging:

Ashton Shawlette 06

I watched my gran’s face as she was opening the parcel – and I couldn’t see a glimpse of the feared »oh crap!«. Instead, there was only surprise and joy. I do hope she will wear it!

This project has definitely been great for my knitting self-esteem. To be honest, I had had my doubts about wether I’d be »already« able to knit such a large project in which mistakes would be clearly visible – but it looks nice and even throughout and I am very proud to have knit it.

So guess what my all-too-long queue has been filling up with lately ? … 😉

Have a lovely, lovely weekend! 😀 I’ll be back soon.

P.S.: If you’re interested about a picture story about the shawl, visit my Project Page on ravelry. I’m usually quite a lazy photographer, but have documented this quite well. *pats herself on the back*


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