Happy New Year!

Dear all,

I just want to wish you a very happy, healthy and great 2013! We’ll see each other soon (I hope) – I’ve got lots to show you! 😀

Thanks to your support for the last couple of months, it means a lot to me.

Take care!

Julia 😀


Marching onto Christmas …

Hi folks! 😀

I hope everybody is well and not too stressed out? This is the first time since the last three years(!) that I am not ready to completely lose my head about my to-do list and »OMG what shall I get him/her as a PRESENT?!?« In fact, I started getting everything together at the end of October (!) and am now officially done with my Christmas shopping. WOO-HOO! Continue reading

Introducing da Stash #2: Festival Hauls

Hi everybody! 😀

Told ya, I’ll be back … Since this other posting was getting a bit long, I thought it was best to split it into three. Here is the second part. I consider turning »Introducing da Stash« into a »regular« topic – Continue reading

The final posting about the Shawlette for my gran

Hi there! 😀

Before I sit down to read the rest of the texts for my »How Christians should treat Nature when they regard it as God’s Creation« -essay (luckily that’s not the title :mrgreen:) I finally wanted to tell you the end of my Ashton Shawlette Odysee (the further postings about it can be read here and here). Continue reading