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I’m nervous.

Yesterday I finished this:

The finished, yet unblocked Ashton Shawlette

As you can see, it looked really crumpled …

In the evening, my guy came over with a pizza (yum!) to help me block the scarf. I was a bit scared to ruin everything when I filled the sink with warm water … but 25 minutes later, the shawl was out of the water, merely damp and we started to block happily away:

Now I’m nervous.
My gran’s birthday party is on Saturday. Since she is turning 80, it is a big birthday party. Almost all the family will be there, and some friends as well. Neighbours. Quite a couple of folks.

When I started the shawl in late August, I asked my grandfather about the colour and showed him the pattern. »Do you think she might like that?«, I asked. He examined the pattern. »That’s a lot of work, Julia!« he said, but I only shrugged. »You only turn 80 once«, I said, and then we smiled at each other. »She’ll definitely love and wear it«, he said.
I asked my mum what she thought of that shocking pink (as you know, I don’t like pink. Never have much.) and she, too, assured me that it was going to be fine and my gran would love it.

Only my sister didn’t agree. »You can’t give her something like that!«, she said as soon as I was showing her the pattern and my progress, »you cannot be thinking of giving her something like this!«»Why not?«, I asked.
»Because … Well, because. That’s not the right thing.«

At the moment, I picture two possible situations for the day after tomorrow.

ONE: My gran smiles, loves the shawl, loves the colour and the pattern, truly appreciates it (because it comes from me and because she can imagine how long it takes to knit something like that) and everything is great.

TWO: My gran opens her present and thinks: ›Oh crap.‹ And because she is the lovely person she is, she will smile and maybe even be brave enough to put it over her shoulders for a moment and say ›Thank you‹ and … yeah.

Right now I feel like I’ll be giving her a picture I’ve painted or drawn myself … 😉

I’ll let you know how it went, okay? Wish me luck …

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