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Introducing da Stash: Holiday Purchases

Hi there! 😀

Again, I am so sorry that I always take AGES (in my case rather AEONS) until I post something new … I’d really, really like to post more often. But sometimes, life gets in the way, the next day, I am too lazy and then …. blahblahblah. HERE IT IS!

Before I went on holiday last month, I decided that I wouldn’t buy wool on a come-whatever-may basis. So I thought I’d only buy something if it was
+ cheap/cheaper than at home
+ something I could only order via internet, not from one of my LYS
+ or something really special.

Indeed, I only went shopping for yarn twice – the one was the above described bargain, the other occasion was carefully planned and approved of. :mrgreen:

So, on the third day of our holiday, we visited Carolinensiel. It is quite a small town, more a village, with one large mainroad on whose side the usual tourist shops reside. One of them, however, was a LYS that was clearly local, and although it came rather as a surprise (I was searching for a different shop), I went in.

OH WOW. I have never been in a shop like this. Ever. The tiny shop was CRAMMED with yarn, literally. Almost to the roof crammed with yarn. Balls and packages of yarn where EVERYWHERE. EVERY.WHERE. Woolen Chaos reigned. I spent a moment trying to grab the system the shop was organised according to, but immediately gave it up.  Clearly, this was one of the shops where only the owner knows where the stuff is and where the customer is unable to FIND anything if he/she is looking for it on purpose. Either you stumble over what you want or you have to ask – allowing the shop owner to magically summon what you have asked for only a moment later (like in Harry Potter).

There was very, very little space to move around at all – I had a bag over my shoulder and was always anxious of throwing something over . So I moved very carefully (my guy preferred not to follow me and remained in a spot where he had a little more space), both amused and awed at the stapled balls of yarn. Some wool hadn’t been taken from its packaging, some balls were sitting on the shelfs without a ball band – and everything was mixed. There was a big corner for sock wool, but not sorted according to brands or anything. Awesome. And then, I spottet this:

WOO-HOO! This is discontinued! You don’t get it anywhere, lest on ebay or (if you’re very lucky) on amazon … YES! This is the Lupin colourway, they also had Tonks, but I’ve seen »her« socks knit up and it’s far too much pink in there for my taste … That ball was about 10€, but my guy looked at me and said: »I’ll pay for that.« YES! 😀 So one for the »awesome opportunity« category … Check!

We also went into the »real« LYS I had wanted to visit in the first place. It was completely different from the one I’ve described above. Not only yarn. Also a few things tourists might like. Soap from sheep milk. Some esoteric stuff. The owner was spinning away on her spinning wheel and when I came to the counter with my choices, we had a very friendly little chat. Without further ado, here are my new possessions:

This is sock wool taken from the sheep living in that area. It has been drafted together with hemp, so it’s very durable … I’m not quite sure what to make out of it and how it will knit up. But I’ll be more than happy to find out! 😀

The shop, by the way, was called »Spinstuuv«, which is Low German for … Take a guess …

YES! That’s right. UNSPUN fiber (well, that’s not what it means in Low German. The proper English translation would be something like »Spinning – room«. And you know what this means, right …? :mrgreen: I’ll be telling you more about this in one of the next postings, but I can already say: It is great fun, it is not as easy as it looks but also not as hard as I feared it to be and it has already made me a lot more patient and calmer. It’s great. My family thinks I’m completely nuts, but that’s what else’s new … 😉

The other wool I bought (or rather: I got from my beloved guy) was another Opal ball, this time in the happy »Flower Power colourway« and was bought in Horumersiel:

The picture you see here shows my first attempt at socks knit from the toe up – I’m going to rip this, though. I had a copy from Wendy Whatshername’s (sorry, I don’t mean any disrespect) »Socks from the Toe Up«, but I couldn’t understand her definition of double stitches and I would have had holes in the heel, which I definitely don’t like. I briefly thought of knitting the socks anyway and to youknowwhere with the holes, but actually, although this skein was a bargain, it still cost about 7€, and I want my socks to last a couple of years. But maybe, some garment for a child would also look very cool in that! 😀

Mhm. This has gotten longer than I thought … I think I’ll save the birthday presents for another posting.
I’m off now – I’ve just have eight more rows to go on my grandmother’s shawlette and of course, I am currently one stitch short

Have a great day! Take care! 😀

4 thoughts on “Introducing da Stash: Holiday Purchases

    • Thanks! I am especially pleased with the fiber … But I still don’t know what to make of it; I think it will be mostly used to improve my spinning. 😉

      I have searched for a couple of sock patterns for the grey/white wool today and probably will do something with cables – but I’ll definitely swarch first. I’m not sure how prominent these grey will be …

      As for the Lupin and the Flower Power yarn – they’ll be turned into simple socks. 😉 Acutally I’ve never understoof while people buy colourful wool and then knit really delicate patterns into it – stuff that will simply be devoured by the colour.

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