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What I’m working on

Hi folks! 😀

Woah, what a day … not that I was that busy, but my sister and me met in town today to do a photo shooting – it’s a Christmas present for my grandparents. I’m not especially fond of my appearance when it comes to photographes *a-hem*, probably because in my head, I look okay (on good days beautiful) and then I get a photograph and see ›Oh. So I wasn’t quite right …‹ So this was a bit about being brave for me (I also grin very, very awkwardly when being photographed).
My sister, on the other hand, is truly beautiful and always looks gorgeous on pictures, even that ones that are done by a smartphone when she’s out. But today, the photgrapher (who was very, very nice, by the way!) also did some pictures in b/w – and I like myself a lot better in b/w pictures than in colour. 😉

Okay, enough blabbering and whining about myself, my grandparents (and my parents) will get great pictures and now – to business!

First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind comments on the North Sea Hat! I truly appreciated them (I am a sucker for comments, I truly am) and I’ll answer them all, I promise!

I am going to show you what I bought on holiday for sure (and what I got for my birthday! 😀 ), but right now, I want to show you what I’m working on and what I have done so far.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A year ago, my lovely cousin gave birth to a cute little boy. This year, we are celebrating Little P.’s very first birthday! Since he is a December child, I thought that a hat was most appropriate and useful.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a little bit already will recognise the pattern: I’ve made another Swirl Hat. (link to my project page). Now those of you who haven’t knit a hat before: Go for it! I have done the pattern twice before, it is a quick, easy and most satisfying knit, even if I have to face my uncomfortableness (is this the right word? … YES! Woo-hoo …) about knitting in the round on circulars. The wool is a lovely shade of blue and although I don’t believe in gender-coloured knitting (gender MY ARSE!), I do love blue.

I did ask my cousin before whether she’d like a hat for her little son, and she happily said yes. So I hope that the hat will fit (I made the version that is said to fit a 2-year old) and be loved. 😀

I have also started a second Christmas present I can show you here (hopefully). It’s socks for my mum, and I do hope that she doesn’t read this blog. MUM YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Actually, this is the second pattern attempt on her socks. I have started with these:

The very sad first attempt

But frogged the sock soon afterwards. Maybe I am simply too stupid, but the pattern was giving me way too many grey hairs and was too much sworn at. I couldn’t remember where I was: You cast on 14 sts per needle, but a pattern repeat is over 8 sts and you slip quite a few stitches from one needle to another – the pattern part of the foot is knit on 19(!)sts. So a 16sts-pattern on 19 sts … I always had to count, swore a lot, and, finally, I frogged the whole damn thing and let the ball of yarn sit in my stash for a while. Duh! Now I have started anew, in a pattern that has never-ever failed me before and looks as beautiful on uni-coloured socks as on E.’s …:

Charade socks for mum

Charade. Of course, it is Charade (Link to … you know where). The colour, btw, is exactly the same as in the picture above, but somehow it looks more grey … Reminds me a bit of 18th century, to be honest (don’t ask me why. My brain works in funny ways :mrgreen:).

While I am really, really enjoying making them (I started yesterday), I really should be working on this (and this will be the last picture today, friends):

Grandma’s birthday present

The beautiful Ashton Shawlette (link to my project page). My grandmother turns 80 this year and is having a big celebration soon. She doesn’t want anything for her birthday (»I really don’t need anything!«), but you can’t have such a birthday and not being given something. Fullstop. So I sat down and wondered what I should make her. My gran uses scarfs and shawls and on special occasions she wears a lot of black and white. So I thought, a bit of shocking pink would look great with it (my grandfather knows about this project and has given me permission to use that colour; he thinks she might well like it). So I am working away on this since late summer, but it went into hibernation (haha), because now I am getting to the third chart where you have over 200 sts and if you make a mistake … Well. This is knit on 3,5mm needles with a 4-ply yarn … I tried working with laceweight (2-ply) on 5mm needles (another project, not this one) and went berserk. This works much better!

Alright, folks, until next time … I’m off, I’ve got some presents to knit. (And I’ll show you my new purchases. Promise.)

Have a lovely weekend! 😀


4 thoughts on “What I’m working on

  1. Life is too short to knit patterns you don’t enjoy. Good for you for frogging the sock you hated knitting. I love the hat, the new sock, and the lacy shawl. I’m a sucker for lacy shawls. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! 😀 I was really happy when I found the Ashton Shawlette pattern, because I had just turned a little bit desperate and thought that maybe I was too unexperienced to do lace patterns … This is knit on 3,5mm needles and a 4-ply yarn, perfect! It looks great and I hope she will like it. 😀 Oh, btw – I LOVE your Spider Queen! I doubt that I would have the patience to knit that pattern, although it is simply stunning.

      Also glad that I’m not the only one thinking like this about the sock and patterns that you don’t like … I actually had quite a long discussion with my guy, thinking about gritting my teeth and finish them since I had come that far … But one evening, I made just ANOTHER mistake, and that was the final thing that made me realise that by the time I would have to start the second sock, I would be having nightmares about the sock chasing me for sure. Now I am very, very happy about the whole thing. 😀

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