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How I got my head a hat … ;)

Ho there! 😀

Ahh, it’s nice to be back … Truth be told, I was on a holiday and came back only last Sunday. My guy and me went to the North Sea, a little Frisian village called Horumersiel. It is really beautiful, we went in March this year for the first time, and it was so great and relaxing staying there that we just said »We’ll go again«. Luckily, both of us are rather for the North than for the South, and ›holiday‹ for us doesn’t mean that we sit in a plane for a couple of hours and then bake in the sun for the whole lot of the holiday. 😉 The weather was quite cold and a bit rainy (I mean – sure. It’s autumn here and it was really about time that the weather acknowledged that! It has been way too warm in September anyway), but we were fine. One day, we made a day trip to Spiekeroog (Wikipedia link in English, if you’re interested) and the weather was very very nice, cold but sunny. Hooray!

Well, anyway, although I had my camera with me, I didn’t shoot any pictures (I am a lousy blogger. I can’t take beautiful photographs, I do not post stuff regularly … sometimes this worries me, but here you go). I did, however, buy wool and yarn – and I will show you that in one of the upcoming postings. 😀

Right before the holiday, however, I decided that now finally, the time had come for me to make myself a hat. 😀 A georgeous hat. So I browsed ravelry and found myself Thelma Egberts’ Small Hills Hat (ravelry link). Nice, eh? So, a day or two before we actually went, I walked into one of my LYS and bought 100% Merino Wool:

It is indeed grey, although it may look a bit light brown or natural on the picture. I had a hard time deciding whether I would make this in brown or in blue … Since I have pretty fair skin but dark brown eyes and brown hair, both suit me … But in the end (after I picked up the blue wool, put it back, picked up the grey wool, put it back, picked up the blue wool, put it back … I finally decided that grey it was. I love making decisions. :mrgreen:

When we were sitting in the car on Saturday morning, I got out my DPNs and my wool and started the hat right away. You know … Swatching is … eh … important, but er… I don’t really do it, because … I’m kinda …. eh … stupid. Ah, well.

Anyway, after a couple of cms, I could already see that the circumfence of the hat would be way to small. Surprise! So I stuffed the whole thing back into my bag and left it there until wthe next day (because I almost passed out at the dinner table at about 6 p.m. Yes. You heard me. 6 p.m. and it was only a 3-hour drive …). Then I came to my senses and decided on making a swatch. Good idea!

Now, to enlarge the pattern, you can either increase it by 6 stitches or by a full pattern repeat of adding 12 stitches. My swatch was 6 stitches too large, so that means that if I add only 6 more, it will be big enough for the large size, right? Right. And that’s why I made the huge version and added 12.
Face-palm … Head-desk … Choose either.
Of course, this didn’t work. The hat’s circumfence was way too large. Surprise!

So I cast on AGAIN … Just adding 6 stitches. This time, it worked. HOORAY!

I did have some problems with the pattern though … Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful hat, and it suits me, but I had some trouble understanding the pattern … Until, finally, my guy sat down with a pen and paper and wrote the whole damn thing down again with the six added stitches included so it was easier. He is simply the greatest. By that, 5 or 6 of the 9 days of holiday were already gone … 😉

But despite all these small problems, I’ve made a beautiful hat.

And I even found someone cute and beautiful to model it! Look here!

It doesn’t quite fit him, but he looks so cool with it …

Have a lovely weekend, folks! More coming soon.

10 thoughts on “How I got my head a hat … ;)

  1. Awww…what a cute model =) It’s nice to see you back on your blog again! And thank you for making me laugh (again)! I’m also kindda stooopid when I’m doing my knitting sometimes…it could be something blatantly obvious but I decide to go do something else, go figure. Anyway, looking forward to your next post…and maybe picture of your holiday yarn purchase???

      • THANK YOU SO MUCH for nominating me!! 😀 It was a really great surprise – and even more so, because I STILL haven’t shown my first I got from you (sorry for that). Thank you so much!

        I am very glad that you liked the article and that it made you laugh. 😀 I got the little bear about … I don’t know … over 10 years ago, you could get it from supermarket coupons! I have a whole family – Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Little Bear. But I think I’ll be giving them away … I haven’t got much room for them and maybe there is a child wanting a bear just like one of them! (although I’d rather not rip the little family apart …)

        And I’ll be showing you what I bought – you bet on that! 😀

    • Thank you so much! At first, I was opting for another one, but my cousin requested a hat that was big enough so it could go over Little P.’s ears – and right she is.
      I definitely like that yarn! I made mittens (WHOAH! I haven’t shown you the mittens yet! Oh- oh …) and today swatched for another pair of them. And I also want to knit another hat … :mrgreen:

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