Making Christmas #1 or Grandfather’s Mittens

At the moment, I have a lot on my plate. Originally I didn’t plan to make so many things for Christmas, but when I add them up, I now get to about 8-9 items. A couple of the people who will recieve knitted gifts this year are reading this blog, but I can show you one nonetheless.

It is for my grandfather, who does not know about the existence of this blog and even if he knew it wouldn’t matter, because he doesn’t speak English. 😉 Continue reading


Still there!

Hi folks!

Just a quick posting to let you know that you don’t have to worry, that all is well!

Right now, I am writing away on another essay for university and I try to get as much of it done as possible. I also knit a lot and … do something else (I will show you, don’t worry), but right at the moment, I somehow cannot find the time/mood to sit down and write you a nice entry.
Thank you so much for caring though!


I promise that I’ll be back shortly. 😀
Lot’s of love!

Julia 😀