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All I see is green …

I actually have a surprise for some readers of this blog … hehehe … But not today, I think.
During the last weeks, I have made one-and-a-half pairs of Charade socks. by Sandra Park.
I love this pattern – it was my first »real« sock pattern I ever used, and I will forever highly recommend it. Not only is the pattern very beautiful, but the instructions are very, very clear and even fun to read!

These green ones were for E. … She chose the yarn I recommended (Lana Grossa’s Doppio in a most wonderful green) and payed for it, but I knit the socks …

The socks will knit up really, really fast – the pattern is a combination of slip-stitches, YOs and stockinette stitch.

People who don’t know how to do kitchener stitch yet – this is a great opportunity to practice!

I love the socks. I love the yarn. Isn’t it wonderful that you can show friendship in something as simple as this? I hope she’ll like them … 😀

Charade socks for E.

Have a great day! 😀


6 thoughts on “All I see is green …

  1. That pattern was actually one of my first sock knits. I love the texture of the stitch and I think this is one of the most attractive patterns for variegated yarns. They look wonderful, enjoy them!

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