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Powersocks for T.

Yahoo! Told you, I’d be right back. 😉

While I didn’t post until the day before last, I knit a lot though … And I dearly want to share what I made!
So today, I’ll start of with Powersocks for T.

T. (as E.) is a very good friend of mine. We met a couple of years ago during my time in Cornwall (six weeks). We were working in one of the Vitalise Centres as volunteers and shared a room. Since I had moved out from home only a couple of weeks and had had some chaos in my life I didn’t expect the least, I was more than happy that T. and I got on great right from the start. That’s why we now have socks in the same pattern.

She went home after 2 or 3 weeks though, but we really got it together and started E-mailing each other.
Until today, we have met only a couple of times, although she only lives like 2 hours away from me. But it is always fun to see her, and we have hour-long telephone sessions every other week during which we laugh a lot, chat about everything and tell us which great links we’ve come across the www. T. has introduced me to the wonderful »Horrible Histories« series and Tim Minchin’s songs, she is a great supporter, can always cheer me up when I’m down and has a great sense of black humour and sarcasm. She’s awesome! Additionally, she had sent me a big package when I had my oral exam in my M.A.!

And that’s why I wanted her to get socks. I had only finished Anne Campbells Circle socks for me and wanted to do the same for her. Since they didn’t have my favourite sock yarn at my LYS (Lana Grossa Doppio – I love it!), I chose Austermann Step. The label said that it was with Aloe Vera and that the “wellness starts while knitting” but you know what it is about labels, right? But a tree on it and you can sell it for the double amount of money.
In addition to that, it was pink, which is (as I stated before) not my favourite colour. But oh well.

Here they are in their full glory:

The red socks (as you can easily imagine) are mine (and I don’t have such large feet!).

I can highly recommend the pattern! Though I didn’t use the suggested toe but used my usual, plain one, the directions for the circles are excellent, you cannot go wrong, even if you haven’t had much experience in sock knitting. I made two pairs and it didn’t become boring for sure! I’m definitely doing them a third time. 😀

T., by the way, liked the socks a lot.»I never had socks that fit so well!«, she exclaimed excitedly, »and they’re so soft and warm!«Can there be a better response? 😀

Friends are the best. Take good care of yours!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
ETA (Edited to add): The yarn, however, once I started knitting, was awesome! Simply great. It’s incredible soft, and although I thought »like butter« was something you just wrote, it is really true for this yarn. I have bought another skein and will do that again for sure! 😀

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