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The Gruesome Tale of da Socks of Yuck – Part II

So! After an aeon-long absence (sorry for that) – here is the second part of (cue dramatic music) The gruesome Tale of da Socks of Yuck (daaa-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …..)

[Trigger-Alert! This posting contains a couple of pictures showing hideous socks – folks with a great sense of aesthetics could suffer sudden screaming fits, extensive sweating, fainting, etc.! You have been warned!]

Alright. You know where we were last time, right? …  Yeeees, right, I had succumbed to the voice in my head and had bought a skein of discounted wool for little mittens for children. Exactly.

So, a couple of days later, I went out for breakfast with E., my very best friend. She’s an awesome woman, strong, very, very intelligent, warmhearted, insightful, funny, witty … The perfect best friend. Altough we met only three years ago, it felt immediately like we’ve known each other for ages.

So we are sitting in a lovely café in our lovely hometown, have finished our breakfast and enjoy drinking tea and having a good chat. At one point, I bring out my knitting to show it to her; I am already working on the cuff.
»I’m not quite sure about the colours here«, I admit to her, as I suspiciously eye the sudden change from white to what looks like a mix of earth and leaves trampled on by chickens.
E. examines my cuff closely. »Don’t worry about it«, she assures me, »I’m pretty sure it’ll get better after that.« You wish!

As I get home, I sit down with my knitting and continue to work on the cuff, finish it and start on the hand part. And then, after it becomes clear that the first colour-repeat is over, I suddenly realise (and it is a terrible awakening!): This looks just awful. Y-U-K.

You see what I mean? It’s not like just one colour doesn’t really look nice or doesn’t fit in. NO! There is absolutely nothing that looks really, really well together! I cannot even point out the most horrible colour, because everytime when you have just decided about them, another one turns up! Well, I sure don’t know what kind of stuff the people who designed this colours have smoked, but it sure ain’t good! Drugs are bad. Remember this sock to keep it in mind.

Alright. I sat down quietly and thought for a couple of minutes. Should I continue the mittens, no matter what? Snotty kids today, they should be thankful for eveything what they get … But then I thought: »Do I really want an innocent, beautiful child, who is probably bullied at school already because its parents have to get clothes from the food bank – do I really want this sweet, innocent, poor child beaten up because it wears hideous mittens it has to be ashamed of and is determined to ›lose‹ them so it can get rid of them?«


No, I would not do that. I wouldn’t put a child into that risk. So what? So (and maybe, this will be a sad, disappointing ending compared to the first part), I decided to make socks out of the yarn. Socks are ideal, not specifically made for showing off, and they can be hidden in boots and keep your feet warm. Feet usually do not have eyes, so it won’t bother them if the socks are ugly. Adults, compared to kids, don’t have such great taste in fashion anyway … :mrgreen:

So after a couple of weeks of relucant(!!) work, the hideous, ugly yarn was turned into Da Socks of Yuck (daaa- daaaaaaaaaaaa):

They are truly awful, and I can say that I really hated each and every stitch of them. Because I disliked them a ton, I didn’t try them on after it was much to late, and thus did not end up with size 38/39 (as planned), but something like 40/42. Oh well. At one point, I have to admit that I was close to frog the whole thing (even one sock I had already finished) and thrust the whole nightmare into the bin, and goodbye to 3.95€ wasted. Luckily, I have friends who are smart enough to talk me out of that.

Ironic ending: the original mittens will not be worn by anyone, since I couldn’t figure out how to redo the thumb correctly (the way the pattern stated it lead to a mistake – maybe I had done something wrong with the first, but I couldn’t find out what), so they are in the basket as a showing object and the proof that I can at least knit one mitten correctly.

This is everything I distributed by the way:

And that’s all for today, folks! Thank you so much for reading and putting up with this – I’ll promise, the next things will be much nicer. 😉





7 thoughts on “The Gruesome Tale of da Socks of Yuck – Part II

  1. You’ve reminded me of my hideous sock that I took off the needle but haven’t ripped. If you can knit them I can do it too.

    I could make them my train knitting project in hope they are so hideous no one sits with me on my commute to and from work.

    • Yes, definitely finish them!
      And a free seat next to one in the tram (especially after work) might be a great thing … 😉

      I mean, when I was close to frog the whole damn thing, a friend of mine very reasonably told me that just because the socks were not to MY taste, it was quite likely that someone else might just love the colours. And that people who get their clothes at the food bank probably won’t mind so much.

      Therefore (again): Finish the socks and if you despise them that much, donate. Do something good. 🙂

  2. hmm….the colour combination is certainly strange but I won’t say it’s ugly. I’ve seen people out there on the streets wearing items and combinations of clothing that’s truly tasteless and really deserve them being dragged away and locked behind bars!

    • That’s true – it isn’t THAT bad (so not “worth-being-dragged-away”-bad).

      Another favourite of mine (besides hideious colour-combinations) are ladies wearing mini skirts who pull at the skirt constantly to make it look longer … Ridiculous.

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    • Thank you! 😉 I’m still surprised that people actually like the colourway – but then again, isn’t it awesome that everyone is different! I hope that somebody else likes the socks as well and they keep some pair of feet warm. 🙂

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment! 😀 Have a great day!

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