Powersocks for T.

Yahoo! Told you, I’d be right back. šŸ˜‰

While I didn’t post until the day before last, I knit a lot though … And I dearly want to share what I made!
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The Gruesome Tale of da Socks of Yuck – Part II

So! After an aeon-long absence (sorry for that) – here is the second part of (cue dramatic music) The gruesome Tale of da Socks of Yuck (daaa-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …..)

[Trigger-Alert! This posting contains a couple of pictures showing hideous socks – folks with a great sense of aesthetics could suffer sudden screaming fits, extensive sweating, fainting, etc.! You have been warned!]

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The gruesome tale of da Socks of Yuck – Part I

[The following text is completely made up. The author doesn’t do drugsĀ and has no psychological problems or hallucinations. Promise.]

It is a couple of days before my oral M.A. exam. I have finished Little M’s frog-like mittens the day before and am desperate to cast on another one. I sit in the library, working away on my texts, summarising and making notes, when the desire starts to creep up my spine. Continue reading