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Two Swirl Hats! or Reflecting on What I’ve Learnt

Hi folks! 😀

Since today is already the 26th, I solemnly swear … That this is the second-last posting in which I’ll be bragging about my knits for the food bank. For a while. 😉 No, honestly – the things I want to/ »have to« knit are stapling here. Today’s posting will be divided into two parts. Huh? Well, without further ado:


I’ve finished the two little swirl hats! That’s right – two. I had finished the first, but figured that I had just about half of the ball left (or 1 third? Yes, probably 1 third …), so I decided to make a smaller one in addition.

Here they are: One goes »quak« and the other goes »baah«:

Two little swirl hats

As you can see without any difficulty  they are not blocked. The reason for this is that I didn’t know how. I do not own any stuffed animal with a hat that would have been appropriate for this (I tried). Therefore, they will have to go unblocked and I do hope they’ll be fine …

Do you like the buttons? When I had finished the hats, I wanted to make them nicer – I know that a couple of you probably will look at them and say »Uhh, how ugly«. If you feel that way, it’s fine! I like them. They were the first hats I have ever knit and I am pretty proud of them. 😀 So I went into one of my local LYSs and had a look for cute animal buttons. As I told you before, I don’t believe in gender-related knitting (blue for boys and pink for girls. I hated pink. Trust me.), so I thought, animals would just be perfect! Every child looks adorable with animals (or clothes with animals on them, for that matter). I almost murdered the little duck when I sewed it on,but it was a tough little guy and could take it. Or so I hope.

These hats have taught me quite a lot about my knitting and brought me a big step forward. Stacey asked in the comments to the last article how I’d like to knit in the round on cabled needles. Well – here’s what I think about the magic loop method and knitting in the round on cables:


Knitting in the round on cabled needles truly has several advantages to knitting in the round on DPNs. Here are a couple of them:

  1.  It’s dead easy. I have made my socks always on DPNs, and I think I will continue this for some time. It is stated in many knitting videos, however, that DPNs are quite confusing for a beginner, and I can only second that. When you knit in the round on DPNs for the very first time, you think that you have to hold all needles. Since most people have only one set of hands, this is impossible, and you have to learn that nothing bad will happen if you just pay attention to what is in  front of you (two needles) and nothing else. In other words, you have to learn to let go. A good lesson for life. :mrgreen:
    You only have to hold two needles, and since most people start on scarfs, they’re familiar with that and it doesn’t feel so different from knitting strait stuff when you make your first round garment.
  2. It’s dead practical.
    2.1 It is impossible to lose one needle and then panic because you’re on the bus or somewhere where you don’t have access to a spare needle and have to sit through hours without being able to go on.
    2.2 It is impossible to lose stitches. Only at the beginning of the round – but these can be easily picked up.
    2.3 It is impossible to open your bag/backpack and find a needle who’s gone for a walk all by itself while the rest of the sock is patiently waiting where you put it, but already showing signs of grief in form of many loose/already running stitches.
    2.4 Once you’re accustomed to it, it’s very fast.
    2.5 Maybe I did this right from the beginning on, but I think you won’t have so much trouble with loose stitches you can get when you knit on DPS – you know, on the stitch between two needles.

The only problem was that I think it very difficult to see whether my stitches are twisted or not. But on the other hand, I think that the more you do it, the easier it becomes to see, like on DPNs.

Summary: I still think that I will knit socks with DPNS – the decreases on the cabled needles was a bit of fiddling, to be honest. But for larger projects, like for example, hats? Perfect. I’ll do it. 😀

As I said, knitting with the magic loop method was a great boost for my self-esteem. In the last posting, I confessed that I do like my comfort zones – but it gives me great pleasure to try something out and find that it is really not that difficult. For me, this is important and helps me to try other new stuff as well. The next thing I dearly want to learn is how to knit cables – and then, one day, FairIsle. Having taken one step to increase my knitting skills, these two techniques (which are, of course, not related) have come a bit closer. Hooray. 😀

Have a lovely day!

2 thoughts on “Two Swirl Hats! or Reflecting on What I’ve Learnt

  1. Your hats are beautiful!!

    And you are right about knitting in the round. I am actually an equal opportunity knitting needle user 🙂 . But it does make certain projects so much easier!

    • Thanks so much! 🙂 I’m smiling all over again …
      And I totally agree. I tried to knit another little hat yesterday but gave up after I had twisted the stitches for the 3rd or 4th(!!!) time … Well, I had a terrible headache yesterday because of the temperature fall and stuff, but it is definitely frustrating if you know that I’d be WAAAY further in the pattern if I had used DPNs … :mrgreen:

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