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Learning new stuff

Hi folks! 😀

Originally, I should be typing away at a paper that I have been carrying around with me for over a year (O-M-G …) … Working part-time really did cost me a lot of time and energy I really had needed for my studies. So, before I can actually begin my M.A.-thesis, I still have to write 5 (five!) papers in Theology, and then my professors still will have to grade them … But never mind that now.

As I told you before, I planned to start another pair of mittens as soon as the Little frog-like ones were finished. They story why I did not do that will not be told today – but I want to show you something else.

My current project is also for charity (I told you about the food bank, right?), and it is a little hat. The Swirl Hat, to be precise. I have wanted to learn how to knit hats for a bit already – truth be told, we had an awefully cold winter here in Germany last year, and while I was burying neck, nose and ears in my huge scarf my granny knit me when I was 16 (I love this scarf. I’ll show it to you one day), I always thought »I’m going to make a hat«. But I didn’t dare. I sounded too complicated. Never mind that I had already knit socks and a lot of people say they are way-y-y harder … But there you go. That’s me. I like my comfort-zones.

But then (I always think about that great song when I say or read this, you know, in Tim Burton’s »The Corpse Bride«? The song is called »The Remains of the Day«, and it is an awesome, jazzy and swingy thing. I love Tim Burton.) … then I went shopping at the beginning of the week (which doesn’t happen that often) and I was searching for yarn to make the said Swirl Hat I had fallen in love with. Eventually, I found a soft, green/white-striped wool (although it’s not wool, it’s poly-something, I can’t remember that now and I’m too lazy to get up and fetch the ball and then look it up on leo and … but it’s not wool.) and – surprise – my mum, who’d been accompanying me, paid! Hooray. 😀

[By the way. When I wrote »white-striped« I immediately had »Seven Nation Army« of the White Stripes in my head. You know that song. I’s the only thing some fans can sing during soccer games. Duuh-du-du-du-duuu-duuuu … Duuh-du-du-du-duuuh-duuuh … That’s everything you’ll hear from them. For 90 minutes. My brain works in a funny way for sure … But the song is great!]

Okay. Back to topic. Where was I? Ah, yes. The Swirl Hat. And the wool.

Well, until Monday, I had always used DPNs for knitting in the round. It’s fast, I’ve got a couple of sets by now and it’s dead easy. The only problem was: I didn’t have any in 3,5. Grrr. Alright, alright, no problem – I did have two cabled needles in 3,5. Hooray again.

Since youtube is really, really great for this, I searched for a video that could teach me how to knit in the round on cabled needles – and voilá! – there I was, knitting away happily. The only complicated thing in my opinion is that I did NOT see whether my stitches were twisted or not. It was not until I had knit several cms, before I actually saw with great relief that I had not twisted them and therefore was perfectly fine. Phew.

This is the process last night or the evening before (I can’t remember. Why can’t I remember that?):

Since the pattern is written in inch, I have also continued to master the skills of transferring inch-cm … (I still think you guys are weird. I’m sorry, I really am, but to make 2,5cm(!!!) and make THAT one unit of measurement?). I know the picture shows a little green-blueish had, but I swear, it really is green. And a very nive one, too.

I seem to knit a lot in green, lately … weird … But I made the childrens’ size, you see, and I didn’t want to make a blue or a red/pink one, because these colours are already taken by gender and marked as »boy« and »girl« … And green fits everybody.

I wish you a very nice weekend! And hope you get decent weather. 😀

5 thoughts on “Learning new stuff

    • That’s true! I don’t do that very often, to be honest … But I’ll try to do this more and more. There’s no better feeling than having accomplished something you weren’t able to before. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! 😀
      I have written about my experiences in the next article – I had planned to write about my experiences with this method and I’m glad that you’re interested!

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