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Little frog-like mittens

Heyho! 😀

Since I haven’t written for quite some time during the last few weeks, but haven’t stopped knitting, I have TONS to share – but I think it makes more sense to serve everything in little portions instead of cramming it all into one epic posting.

After I had finished the Little Socks of Charity, I wanted to try something new instead of knitting tons of little socks from all the scraps I had. I had searched ravelry already for cute little things to knit for children and babies  – and finally found these mittens by Wei S. Leong for children, which seemed easy enough for me to try. I had wanted to learn how to knit mittens for quite some time already, but somehow was anxious that it’d bee too difficult for me.

Well, to cut a long story short, I had spare wool from the Socks of the Frog King and cast on. Enter: The little frog-like mittens! 😀

They are not quite finished, I still have to weave in a couple of ends – and if you look closely, I have made a mistake on the right sock; somehow, I managed to f*ck up the thumb. I showed it to my granny last week, and she said (after having looked two seconds at it: »Oh yeah, you [enter explanation – I don’t know why my brain turned off at this point. Aaargh]«.

Alright, so I have to find a way to redo the thumb and stitch it up without leaving a big hole.

These again are identical, first, because they originally were intended to be given to charity as well – and second, because I thought it wouldn’t look as good as on socks if these wouldn’t match.
I said there were intended to be given to charity … When I had finished the first one, I examined it closely and finally thought: ›Oh, come one. These would look so great with little M’s socks … Wouldn’t it be cruel not to let her have them?‹ So there you go, they will be for Little M and be given to her when they are finished – I hope they’ll fit!

As soon as these were off the needles, however, I planned to do another pair of mittens in due course … But this is another story; and will be told at a different time. 😉

See ya! 😀

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