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I’m back!

[WARNING! This blog entry contains unchained thoughts, musings and some snide remarks. Don’t read it if you’re in a hurry. For public entertainment, there is a picture of little socks at the bottom.]

Hello everybody!

Again, apologies for my long absence, but as I told you before, I was taking a wee break last week from almost everything.
Curiously enough, the cleaning bug has bit me, so I have been scrubbing away happily (and actually enjoyed it), sorted out, threw away, rearranged and have now almost finished! Yay!

I was thinking why blogging is a bit of a problem for me the other day … I do love blogs, I love to read your excellent entries, and often, I am simply thrilled when I see the beautiful things you do and create, be it knitting or spinning and/or taking beautiful pictures of it! 😀

When it comes to my stuff, however, I am a bit … yeah … unsure? Is ›unsure‹ a good word for it? Maybe. It is just that I think a lot about the Web 2.0 these days and that almost everybody things that what he or she has to say is so damn important and worth listening to (or reading, or watching …). I mean, I am very happy that you guys blog, but I sometimes stop and think about before I post something, thinking whether this is really important or whether you could go on very well another day without knowing, for example, that I have gone and bought myself a new big blue bucket for cleaning (hooray!). You know what I mean. 😉

Also, I do not consider my knitting to be creative, to be honest – I mean, I don’t develop designs of my own, I’m just following instructions. I think I’ll do another posting on that shortly.

In addition to that, I found that I indeed wanted to write quite a couple of times already – but didn’t, because, to tell the truth, I was too lazy to photograph what I have knitted so far. I know … shame on me.
And that also got me thinking: »Could I possibly have a blog about knitting without including photos?« Sure you can. But isn’t the whole point of knitting blogs showing what you did?

On top of being very lazy when it comes to photographing, I’m not great at taking pictures anyway. (This is something I have to say. Everyone starting a blog has to state at one point that she isn’t good at photographing anything, that she’s lucky to find the right button every time and that the pictures don’t do the beauty of the photographed object justice).
There are exceptions of course. The knitting blogs I read regularly feature very nice pictures, one of my favourite (oh come on, I had to pick someone!) being Stacey from The Weekend Knitter (Stacey, I do hope it is alright if I include a link to you site?) but really, I usually don’t pay too much attention to light or other stuff, I just make sure that

  •   the background is neutral (because I want to keep my privacy about how I live and what it looks like – maybe I’m simply paranoid. I mean, it’s not like I’m living on top of a mountain of treasure like Smaug in Tolkien’s The Hobbit.)
  • the light is sufficient
  • that the focus is fine and the picture’s not blurry.

That’s it. I do a lot of »aim and shoot« when it comes to taking pictures.

Alright, since WordPress tells me that I have already hit the 500-words mark and I have rambled on about enough unimportant stuff … Let me show you a picture and ask you one or two questions, okay? 😉

First, the picture: The Little Socks of Charity are finished!

Little Socks of Charity

Little Socks of Charity

Cute, eh? I do hope that they fit some baby … As you can see, I have made them identical (and almost exactly identical! I’m soooo awesome …. *heehee*). I know, I know, the posting before last I was all for fraternals , because it’s all handmade and if you want to get stuff that looks normal, go shopping! Duh!, but I know a couple of people who want their socks to look the same, so here you go. 😀

Alright, now the questions!

  1. Could you please recommend a website where it is possible to upload pictures for free? I know, you can use WordPress, but as you might know, webspace is limited and I do now want to pay for this. Which service do you use? Flikr? Tumblr? Something else?
  2. I have long wanted to start a blogroll, because  I love to look at what other people like. From those of you commenting so far – are you okay with me putting your blog in a blogroll here on this blog? It’s alright if you say no of course.

That’s all, folks! Since I have done some pictures now, the next posting shouldn’t take ages.  Have a great day! 😀


5 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. CUTE socks!!! They’re adorable! And I like flickr for putting photos…but eventually they make you pay too, lol. I think Photobucket is decent as well. And I believe you can have albums through Google’s tool Picasa as well. I have my photos through WordPress and I do have to pay for it…I’m wondering what I’ll do when that gets to be too great an expense because I post a ton of photos (you may know this, lol). I started the blog just on a whim and really didn’t think much of it at the time. Good thing you’re thinking about it now!

    • THANKS! This is really helping, because I was concidering flickr for a while. I’ll check Photobucket and Picasa – or maybe I’ll just use tumble.

      Thanks so much for you liking the socks!

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