Two Swirl Hats! or Reflecting on What I’ve Learnt

Hi folks! 😀

Since today is already the 26th, I solemnly swear … That this is the second-last posting in which I’ll be bragging about my knits for the food bank. For a while. 😉 No, honestly – the things I want to/ »have to« knit are stapling here. Today’s posting will be divided into two parts. Huh? Well, without further ado:


I’ve finished the two little swirl hats! That’s right – two. I had finished the first, but figured that I had just about half of the ball left (or 1 third? Yes, probably 1 third …), so I decided to make a smaller one in addition.

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Learning new stuff

Hi folks! 😀

Originally, I should be typing away at a paper that I have been carrying around with me for over a year (O-M-G …) … Working part-time really did cost me a lot of time and energy I really had needed for my studies. So, before I can actually begin my M.A.-thesis, I still have to write 5 (five!) papers in Theology, and then my professors still will have to grade them … But never mind that now.

As I told you before, I planned to start another pair of mittens as soon as the Little frog-like ones were finished. They story why I did not do that will not be told today – but I want to show you something else.

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I’m back!

[WARNING! This blog entry contains unchained thoughts, musings and some snide remarks. Don’t read it if you’re in a hurry. For public entertainment, there is a picture of little socks at the bottom.]

Hello everybody!

Again, apologies for my long absence, but as I told you before, I was taking a wee break last week from almost everything.
Curiously enough, the cleaning bug has bit me, so I have been scrubbing away happily (and actually enjoyed it), sorted out, threw away, rearranged and have now almost finished! Yay!

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Stayin’ alive … ;)

Hi there! 😀

I’m so sorry for having deserted this space for so long! But I’ll be back shortly, with a couple of photos, new experiences and stuff I have learned, a new pair of socks (maybe even two, we’ll see) aaaand: the contents of a great package from Sara! 😀

At the moment, I knit a lot and I’ll start writing stories again very soon! My exam went awesome, I got a 1,0 (which is the best mark you can get. HOORAY!!!) and I’m taking a well-deserved break. 😉 Thanks to everybody who kept her finger’s crossed! (or his. Are there any guys reading here?)

See you in a couple of days!!!


Lots of love
Julia 😀