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Little socks of charity :)

Hi there!

Sorry I went quiet for so many days – but I am very busy right now. On Wednesday next week, my oral exam for the M.A. is coming up, so I spent many hours in the university’s library (or at home), reading, thinking and making extracts from what I have read.

I am not so nervous yet (I’ll bet that will change by Saturday or Sunday), but both of my professors examining me are very nice; and the subjects are very interesting. I took my oral exam in English last October (and got an awesome mark! 😀 ), so this time, it will be Protestant Theology, Old Testament (bible studies) and church history. I have decided on “Conflicts of Siblings in the Book of Genesis” and the “Investiture Controversy” as topics, both are even more intersting than I though at the beginning so it’s not that bad. 😉

On the first of May, our university opened a new part of the library, the so-called “learning lounge”, where you have little blue sofas (haven’t tried them yet, they were all taken) and red chaise longues as well as ordinary tables with chairs. 😉 I love them. In fact, I love being in the library anyway – being surrounded by books is something that makes me very comfortable, and usually the atmosphere of other people concentrating and being buried into their studies helps my being productive as well.

Back to topic … 😉

Last Friday, I went to the city with my best friend – we wanted to do a bit of browsing the shops, talking and drinking tea/hot chocolate … typical girl-stuff. 😉
When we reached one of my LYSs, I spottet a table in the middle of the shop with a great variety of knitted things on it – socks, baby shoes, shawls, scarfs … There were also little leaflets. What’s that all about?
Well, on the 9th of June, it was the day of Crafting (which I had missed due to my shift). However, local charity organisations are still collecting knitted goods – and you can hand them in at your LYS until the 31th of July!!! 🙂 You can either sew, crochet or knit something; there is a website with patterns and suggestions of what to knit.

The charity organisation doing this is called »Die Tafel« [say “di ‘ta:fl”] here, »Tafel« being and old-fashioned word for »table« in German. At the »Tafel« you can get food for free, because the supermarkets give stuff to them – for example salad, fruit, bread, etc.  that didn’t sell by the end of the day, but is still good. To prevent waste, the »Tafel« collects this and provides others with it. You can also give them clothes you don’t want to wear anymore but are still great in shape, toys, cosmetic products … anything, really. Also books.

In my opinion, this is a great, great thing definitely worth supporting. I think it is important to help others – especially, because it is one fundamental principle of my religion. I am, however, not very fast or experienced in knitting yet – the only thing I have done a lot is knitting socks. I am also thinking about whether I should contribute my first scarf to them, since I haven’t worn it once … But I’ll check whether it looks good enough.

This is how far I was after the European soccer game Germany – Denmark (2:1, but we’ve played horrible in my opinion) and a couple of songs from the German band »Die Toten Hosen« [di ‘to:tin ‘hosin] on another channel we switched to shortly afterwards:

Not bad, eh? 😉 I’ve done it on 2,5mm needles in what I consider to be European size 24/25.

Alright, folks, I have one text to finish, so I wish you a great day! 😀

~ ~ ~

edit: I’ve linked to the sites underlined for those of you who might be interested. While doing this, I found out that there is indeed a word or a similar organisation for »Die Tafel«: The Food Bank! I didn’t know that! Nice if I can learn new stuff as well here … 😀

7 thoughts on “Little socks of charity :)

    • Thank you so much! 😀 In fact, I was a bit surprised to find myself LOOKING FORWARD to the examination … Not because it is over, but because I almost can’t wait to share what I have read with my professors! Today was a great day for me in the library, I have thought quite a bit about what I want to do with my degree … But more about that in a later posting. 😉

      Of course I will show you the socks when they are finished! I am happy that the colour repeat is short enough to see them on socks this small, by the way. Have a great day!

  1. Your sock looks fantastic! I love the colors! So vibrant. 🙂

    When you like your instructors, exams are usually breezy, aren’t they? 😉

    The Food Bank? I have heard of that, but never looked into it. Thanks for the link! I think it is important to give as well. There is always someone less fortunate than oneself. But I find giving helps the giver more than the recipient! Largeness of heart is very healing to the soul, I think.

    • Thanks a lot! 😀 I love this wool to – the brand name is Lana Gross (again – I have knit most socks with their wool), and I like colourful socks a lot, they make me so happy when I look at my feet.

      Well, I wouldn’t say, the exams I have taken so far were “breezy” – but they went definitely really well. 😉 But sure, you’re right: When you and the examiner are on good terms, chances are good that you’ll be forgiven if you don’t know a quite simple answer. 😉

      I think it is very interesting that you say, helping is actually better for the giver than the recipient! I haven’t thought about it that much – but I think you have a point there. It IS definitely a great thing to be able to help; and I think it is important to bear in mind that you help without … yeah … let’s say “humiliating” the other one, like, showing “wow, I am SO benevolent because I give you …” 😉 I don’t have that much money (or stuff), but I think I am very well off, and we do help not as much as we could, that’s for sure.

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