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The Socks of the Frog King

Since I started knitting last year, I have made about six pairs of socks. Three of them were for me; the rest, I gave away. I will not tell you that one pair wasn’t intended to be a present but became one after I tried the socks on and found out that my feet had to double their size to fit … Well, I was on holiday and not really paying attention when I knitted them. That’s me.

Anyway, I like giving presents. Yesterday was a great opportunity for giving another present. Little M visited, and she is the sweetest 3-year-old girl you can find (did I place these hyphens correctly? I read a lot of English, online and printed, but my brain refuses to make space for the little information slot tagged “position of hyphen in age-expressions”).

Little M’s favourite colour is green (I told you. She’s great. Every other girl loves pink? Not her. She’s way to cool for that.), so I had searched the yarn shops in town for a sock wool featuring nice shades of green – and I had found this:

Lana Grossa Champion

This is »Lana Grossa Meilenweit Champion«, the »champion« is there because Magdalena Neuner, a famous German biathlete, featured in the campaign. She has published two knitting books until now.

Okay. Well, neither Little M nor me are great biathlon-fans. The socks needed a name, though. And since I love stories (I have to! I mean, I write them!), and she loves them as well, there was only one appropriate name for them:

The Socks of the Frog King.

I loved how that wool knitted up. I was soft, yet sturdy enough to promise they can take a good running/walking/jumping in – and it’s all there in the colours, can you see it? A whole fairy tale within these socks! The green of the frog king and the blue of the water in the well, and the gold of the golden ball … The socks are made in European size 30/31, which were quite big – but she’ll be able to wear them in autumn. I know the don’t match, but to be honest, I don’t care that they don’t. They are hand-knitted, not bought, and I like that they look different.

She was so happy when I gave them to her … It was totally, totally worth the effort and the time.

Thanks for taking up with my rambling on and on and on … Have a great day! 😀


7 thoughts on “The Socks of the Frog King

  1. Cute socks! =) The colours are nice and bright! I like them. And your niece is surely very cool for not liking pink! (I’m not a pink girl either, well not anymore anyway). Same as you, I like that the colour pattern of each sock is different – that’s what makes hand-made things so unique!

    • Thank you! I haven’t been a pink girl either – never. Not even as a small girl. So I was indeed quite delighted when her mum told me she loved green. but of course, if it had been pink, I’d make her things anyway – a friend of mine quite likes it, and that’s okay as well.

      Thank you so much for your friendly comment! 😀

    • Thank you so much! 😀
      I like fraternals, too (thanks by the way! I didn’t know the word for twins that don’t look alike yet!) – I haven’t made mittens yet, though (I was worried they’d be too complicated, because of the thumb). But I’ll try them this year, I am very determined to do so – also, because I want to learn fair isle knitting.

      My granny isn’t so fond of them, by the way – she was telling me I should wait for the colour repeat to turn up the same shade, but as you can see, the repeat here is very long and I didn’t want to waste all that good yarn.
      But I accept that there are people who are more comfortable when they’re socks look alike, so if I make some socks for my granny, I’ll see to it that they match. 😉

  2. Hi, Julia! I’m so dreadfully behind in commenting on your blog, which I intend to remedy immediately. 🙂 I absolutely LOVE these socks: your niece is going to love them! And I think fraternal socks are much more fun and interesting than perfectly-matching ones. Beautiful!

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