Little socks of charity :)

Hi there!

Sorry I went quiet for so many days – but I am very busy right now. On Wednesday next week, my oral exam for the M.A. is coming up, so I spent many hours in the university’s library (or at home), reading, thinking and making extracts from what I have read.

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The Socks of the Frog King

Since I started knitting last year, I have made about six pairs of socks. Three of them were for me; the rest, I gave away. I will not tell you that one pair wasn’t intended to be a present but became one after I tried the socks on and found out that my feet had to double their size to fit … Well, I was on holiday and not really paying attention when I knitted them. That’s me.

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Welcome! Take a seat!

Hi there! 😀

I’m Julia. I’m 25 years old, and I write a lot. I also knit a lot, and because of this, I am quite happy of having managed to come up with a witty blogtitle like this. 😉

I already have another blog, which is dedicated to my writing only.  Most of my stories  (and my children’s books and my poetry and everything else) are written in German, and I try to use it as a semi-professional space.

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